Horse BlanketAt  ABRT we know that choosing products for your horse or yourself can be overwhelming with all of the different choices out there.  Every month we will pick a product for review.  We welcome reviews from our customers on products that you would recommend or even that did not work for you.  ABRT orders products based on customer recommendations often.

With Winter around the corner I have choose to discuss blankets.  We have a variety of brands to choose from including Horseware, Weetherbeeta, Intec, and Ovation.  Our sizes start from foal blankets to an 87!  The most popular size would be a 78.  To measure a horse for a blanket you start at the center of their chest and go around to the middle of their tail. 

Here in Alabama our winters are usually mild.  Remember horses like it cool.  Rule of thumb for an unclipped horse would be to blanket with a mid weight blanket at a temperature 30 or below.  A mid weight blanket is usually 220-300grams of poly fill.  Poly fill is the material in the blanket that keeps your horse warm.  For breezy days above 30 a light sheet would be appropriate.  A light sheet has no poly fill (like a rain coat) or maybe 100grams.  Denier is the material that keeps your blanket from ripping.  The higher the denier the tougher your blanket.  At ABRT we only purchase blankets with a high denier. 

Blankets also have different purposes.  Some are for outside use because they are water resistant, some are for inside the stable only because they do not resist water, and some are for cooling your horse down when they get hot on a cold day.  At ABRT we keep turnout blankets and sheets in stock because they are the most practical for our cutomers.  We also have an array of coolers in wool and cotton for those hard working days. 

When you shop for a blanket or cooler at ABRT we will make sure that you get exactly what you need and that the quality is top notch.


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