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Michelle Klasing owns ABRT and has extensive knowledge in different disciplines since childhood. She rode Hunter Jumpers growing up then Read more...

Kimberly Stephenson fell in love with horses when she first sat on one as a toddler.  She started out with a pony when she was 8 years  Read more...
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Wednesday, 20 May 2015 00:00

Last Updated on Sunday, 24 May 2015 13:15
Update from the 2014 Emily Parker St. John scholarship Winner!
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Wednesday, 13 May 2015 00:00

altThis past year has been full of some incredible experiences thanks to the Emily Parker St. John scholarship. Tate and I have been able to train consistently and go to many schooling shows and three recognized events over the year. Without the scholarship we would not have been able to accomplish so much. Most recently we competed in the May 2-3 horse trials at Poplar Place Farm and were so excited to finish in 2nd place! I think over the year though I've learned it's not always about the color ribbon or even if there is a ribbon. It's been more about learning to ride well, connect with my horse and improve on something with each lesson and show. I am so very thankful for all I've been able to do and learn this past year because of the generosity of the St. John family. Looking forward to what the next year holds and how the scholarship blesses another young rider. Thanks so much for allowing me to be the recipient of such a wonderful gift. It was an honor!

Devyn Schranz

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NATRC Competitive Trail Clinic
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Wednesday, 08 April 2015 00:00

On March 27th – 29th, I had the opportunity to attend a NATRC Competitive Trail Clinic with clinician Donna West and brought my 6-year-old Thoroughbred, Mick Jagger.  The purpose of the clinic was to teach new people who are newcomers to NATRC and other trail riders how to prepare themselves and their horses for long distance rides.  

Some of the things I learned with Donna starting out was practicing safety maneuvers on the ground and on horseback.  Such as disengaging your horse’s shoulders and hindquarters away from you, keeping your horse at a safe distance away from you and learning how to stop your horse quickly and safely in emergency situations by using a maneuver called the one-rein stop.  This is done by pushing your feet down and forward into the stirrups while sliding your hand down one rein on either side of the horses neck and pulling your hand to your hip which pulls the horse’s nose to your knee causing him to stop.  

There were also two long-time NATRC riders, Mark and Debbie Jones, who hosted the clinic and taught us about how to pre-condition your horse, exercise and hydrate him before, on and after they trail.  

On Sunday, we went out on a mock 5 mile ride and were given checkpoints in three areas that were timed between each.  At each point, NATRC volunteers had each rider perform a task to see how well rider and horse could perform the task together.  

After the task, the volunteer would give helping tips on what could be more beneficial to each horse and rider on how to better perform the task.  It was a fun filled weekend, I learned so many safety-training tips and met some really nice people who are also avid horse lovers!  I encourage anyone to read into NATRC and any information you can get on how to be safe with your horse while out on the trail!



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Uptite Poultice, what I didn’t know
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Wednesday, 08 April 2015 00:00

Uptite Poultice, what I didn’t know………..

I was recently reading a review on Uptite poultice in a horse health publication and I found out things that I didn’t know about this amazing product.  I have used Uptite for altmany years for my horse’s legs after a good workout or a cross country run.   The following bullet points share the uses and benefits of Uptite that I think will show why it has been an industry leader for 40 years.

•    Uptite contains 7 active ingredients, pure spring water, and a hemostat astringent antiseptic.  Their clay is used as filler for these agents.
•    Uptite does not use contain menthol or thymol because it is harmful to users over extended periods of time.
•    Uptite contains 2 cooling agents that work in tandem and provide ultimate heat relief.
•    Uptite’s astringent properties provide superior tightening ability.
•    Uptite did hundreds of trials on the product before releasing the product to the public.
•    The FDA regulated the pure spring water, as they have strict regulations for the privilege of using the term “pure”.
•    Uptite was in Sports Illustrated 2 times.
•    Uptite can be used on open cuts. The antiseptics kill the bacteria and stop bleeding on an open wound.
•    Uptite is great for packing hooves and regular use keeps hooves healthy.
•    Uptite is concentrated so that you can use less and get great results.

I found all of these points to be very helpful and informative.  I am always looking for great products to use on my horses.  Uptite is sold as Alabama Blue Ribbon Tack so come in and get a tub for your tack trunk!!!!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 April 2015 15:34
2015 AHJA Kick Off Show
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Tuesday, 24 March 2015 00:00

 ABRT spent a lovely, sunny, spring weekend with our " AHJA family".  Kimberly and I had a great time watching everyone show their horses and cheer each other on!  We had a popcorn machine that was a big hit, and will be a regular part of our set up.  The new trailer is so much easier to navigate and see all of the merchandise, we received a lot of positive feedback.  Our biggest seller was the Effol "speedy shine" for boots.  We sold a few and it started spreading like wild fire Alabama Hunter Jumpershow great this product is,so we will pack a bunch for future trips!  All of our spring collections are in now, and the new technical fabrics and fresh colors will have you looking and feeling great on or off your horse.  We are excited about this year and spending our weekends with everyone!!  Our customers are very important to us.....

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 March 2015 19:29
Off to a running start in 2015
Written by Michelle   
Wednesday, 25 February 2015 00:00

altABRT is getting off to a running start in 2015!!!!  We will be at the Alabama Horse Fair in February for the first time, and we are very excited to take on this new venture.  The next outing will be the AHJA kick off show March 6-7th.  We always love seeing familiar faces and sharing in the weekend of fun and competition. 

ABRT’s new trailer will be on the road a lot this year from GA competitions to local Alabama shows.

If there is ever anything that you need call us and we’ll carry it in the store and on the trailer.  We are also going to be looking for another recipient for the Emily Parker St. John scholarship in May. 

We will begin to take applications in April so get your applications ready.  The new spring merchandise is here and the fabrics are made for comfort in hot weather and great looking!!!  Every year I strive to improve the store with customers suggestions and new inventory and make it better and better for our customers shopping enjoyment and needs, so come in and see what’s new!!  Can’t wait to see everyone this year on the road or in the store!!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 February 2015 16:47
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Blackwatch Stable Series


Amber Spiler was here the 14th of February for the Blackwatch Stable series book signing, and she was a delight to have in the store.  She shared her inspiration for writing the stories and her plans for future books in the series.  She is a rider herself and has 2 young daughters who share her passion as well.  The books are fun, and very detailed in horse knowledge because she is a rider herself.  ABRT is hoping to have her come back this summer during the customer appreciation day, so if you didn’t get to come by you will get another chance to meet Amber!

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The Emily Parker St. John Scholarship 2015

Its time to apply  for the 2015 scholarship.  We were overwhelmed with the response last year and encourage the  2015 applicants to submit early.  We added an interview process for the top 3 applicants and require an essay and  video from all.  Applications due April 30, 2015!  Winner will be announce first week of May..Click Here for Applications.

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